The Steve Jobs myth

As Steve Jobs did not invent the iPhone ( Steve Jobs, the sole innovator?), it is also impossible to solve the mysteries which require complex analysis of systems of a wide range of natural phenomena or scientific results and theories – alone.

Some may argue that the sole innovators are rare nowadays, but they are still existing species. However, polyhistors undeniably died out centuries ago, and only their fossils are haunting in some old dusty books. The joint knowledge of humanity or even just one branch of science is too large, none can hope to hold it entirely. There are physicists, but all of them are more or less specialized to particle or molecular physics, optics or astrophysics – you name it. Keeping up with recent publications of just one subfield is more than enough for anyone.

Hence, if you would like to attack some complex topics, especially with weapons borrowed from science, we got just one advice for you: don’t do it alone. Learn from others, climb to the shoulders of giants, build a team of similarly thinking clever guys,  and hope that it will be enough.

We hope that too. Would you like to join us in the quest for finding the scientific answer to the meaning of life? Let us know!


Meaning Of Life Team

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