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  • No need to add a single word to this article . Health Benefits Of Sex? Frequent Sexual Activity Adds More Meaning To Life, Says Study The original study: Sexuality Leads to Boosts in Mood and Meaning in Life With No Evidence for the Reverse Direction: A Daily Diary Investigation The Meaning of Life Team

  • Michael Shermer, a renowned author and Presidential Fellow at Chapman University gave valuable comments to one of the most disturbing questions regarding the significance and meaning of our life: do we and our actions matter in the universe? The question seems valid. Compared to cosmic scales (to the Milky Way, let alone to the observable universe), not just we, humans, but Earth itself is insignificant, less than a grain of sand on the seashore. We are so proud of our achievements, but we can hardly leave our own planet. We say that we rule the Earth, but we are more Read More

  • The School of Life is a global organisation dedicated to developing emotional intelligence and also an internet site, a kind of self-help community. It has announced its new 2018 Curriculum to be published soon. Once it is available, you may look at and use it if you like and can, or you can form your own judgment about the initiative. Article on the announcement of the Curriculum.

  • In his latest paper in the International Journal of Astrobiology Daniel P. Whitmire, PhD., teacher at the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Arkansas found (taking our current state and the Principle of Mediocrity into consideration) that we have high chances to go extinct relatively soon. Needless to say that extinction would be a telling argument against any meaning of our existence. Is the situation really so grave? We can not afford to look away from such a risk, so we shall come back to this topic as soon as possible. The original article: Implication of our technological Read More

  • Are we not so special after all? Metacognitive Illusions In Monkeys Your ability to know what you know or don’t know — and how confident you are in what you think you know — is called metacognition. It seems that only we, humans have such sophisticated understanding of our own knowledge. However, it may not be true, according to an interesting study. Monkeys had higher confidence in their ability to remember an image when the visual contrast was high. These kinds of metacognitive illusions — false beliefs about how we learn or remember best — are shared by humans, leading brain and cognitive Read More

  • But I’m only human after all Think You’re Not Biased? Think Again You must be perfect to have a meaning of live – or must we just accept our flaws? All people harbor general biases — beliefs and attitudes about groups of people that are based on race or ethnicity, gender, body weight or other traits. Most biases “develop over the course of one’s lifetime through exposure to messages,” notes Cheryl Staats of Ohio State University in Columbus. Those messages may come from hearing a sexist comment during a family dinner or banter from TV shows, movies or other media. People Read More