Book Reviews


  • The Greatest Story Ever Told–So Far by Lawrence M. Krauss We don’t know whether it is the greatest story ever told or not – but definitely among the most interesting ones. Going through a large chunk of the development of modern science is exciting even if one knows what are the latest discoveries.( Obviously most of us have to realize that we don’t know or we don’t know well enough of them). Compared to other popular science books one of the most difficult but most rewarding characteristic of this book is that it doesn’t simplify the scientific results too much. It Read More

  • Gleb Tsipursky, Find Your Purpose Using Science One of the books with topic closest to our own experiment and approach (scientific approach to the question of the meaning of life) is Gleb Tsipursky’s “Find Your Purpose Using Science”. A very practical, action-oriented book with extensive evidences supporting its statements and recommendations. Its main aims are as follows: To show that searching for the meaning of life is a very useful exercise which will help you to be happy and successful person To present the latest research results on the effect of having such purpose in your life To recommend practical Read More